International classes – enrollment

International classes - enrollment

Do you want to gain extra points when applying for a university degree in Poland? Are you thinking about studying abroad?  Do you want to read professional literature in English with ease? Do you feel that you are not fulfilling your potential?

With us you have the opportunity to make your dreams come true. We enroll students to the newly opened 1st and 3rd grade international classes. Regent College International High School is the only school in the North East of Poland to offer Cambridge International Education. We also prepare students to take the International A-Level exams enabling them to apply for university degrees worldwide. We are an accredited school of the University of Cambridge (Cambridge International School).

For the first two years (i.e. in the first and second year of high school) students in an international class  participate in lessons in 6-8 subjects taught in English and based on the Cambridge curriculum. The subjects are: English, Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Spanish and, as an additional option, Geography and History.

In the third and fourth grade of high school students choose 3-4 subjects they want to pursue and prepare for the final A-Level exams. The selection of subjects depends on the university degree for which the student wants to apply. Students complete these 3-4 selected subjects, including: 6 hours of lessons per week, of course, in English, following the Cambridge curriculum. The only additional subjects they are obliged to take are the Polish language, history and geography of Poland for Polish citizens and Polish as a foreign language for our international students. 

To start studying in the third grade prior experience with an international program is not required.