Educational offer

Regent College International Schools provides education for Polish and international students aged 14-18. 

Our students may choose between:

For those interested in extra-curricular activities we also have plenty to choose from: 

  • Regent Chess Club,
  • Regent Times (journalism and social media),
  • Regent Coolture Club,
  • Regent Research Club,
  • Regent Film Club,
  • Regent Golf Club,
  • Regent Bike Club.

International curriculum

Our international programme is accredited by Cambridge Assessment International Education (part of the University of Cambridge). We are one of only 13 Cambridge International Schools in Poland offering Cambridge International Education at high-school level.


Learn more about why univeristies accross the world value Cambridge International Education students:

“The case of Regent College International Schools in Elbląg is especially interesting. There aren’t many schools in Poland offering Cambridge IGCSE and A-level programmes and those that deliver these programmes are few, have very high numbers of students and are located almost exclusively in Warsaw. Among Polish high-schools accredited for the Cambridge programmes, Regent College is the only school based in a smaller city and offering more intimate atmosphere”.

International programme stages at Regent College IS

Stage 1 (year 1 and 2 of high school) 

International General Certificate of Secondary Education

For the first two years, international students follow a curriculum consisting of 8 subjects:

  • English as a Second Language (3 hours a week*),
  • Mathematics (4 hours a week),
  • Physics (3 hours a week),
  • Biology (3 hours a week),
  • Chemistry (3 hours a week),
  • Foreign language – Spanish (3 hours a week),
  • Geography (3 hours a week).

*school hour is 45-min long

You can learn more about the content of each subject course by clicking on individual syllabuses in the next sections.

Lessons are delivered exclusively in English by our highly qualified teachers. We use Cambridge University Press textbooks developed for the Cambridge IGCSE subjects.  At the end of the second year students can take IGCSE exams (International General Certificate of Secondary Education).

All international students also attend classes in Polish as a foreign language. All students participate in PE lessons and, if English is not their native language, also in English language classes with an emphasis on grammar and communication.

Stage 2 (year 3 and 4 of high school) – International AS and A-level

In the third and fourth year of high school, students choose 3-4 subjects that they want to continue at As/A-Level. The exams that they will be sitting at the end of  each of these two years will enable them to apply for university admission all over the world.

The choice of subjects depends on the university degree programme for which the student wants to apply. These 3-4 selected subjects are delivered in English, following the Cambridge syllabuses (see the listing below for the details of the AS/A-Level courses).


For international students the only additional subject in the third and fourth year of high school is Polish as a foreign language.

IGCSE syllabuses


AS/A-Level syllabuses

program międzynarodowy

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