Enrollment process


  1. Deadline for sending application forms and requied documents (see below): 31st May 2023.
  2. Interviews with candidates and tests (see below): 1st – 15th June 2023.
  3. Results announced: by 28th June 2023
  4. Deadline for parents/guardians signing contracts for accepted candidates: 5th July 2023.
  5. Deadline for submitting certificates of completion of education in 2022/2023: 14th July 2023.


Parents interested in enrolling students to our school for the 2022/2023 school year are required to fill in the online school application form, sign it and post to our school or email a scan to liceum@regent.edu.pl along with the required documents: 

  1. copy of a certificate of completion of the last full school year of education (2021/2022) with all final marks listed; 
  2. translation of the certificate mentioned in 1);
  3. transcript of marks for the first semester of 2022/2023;
  4. translation of the transcript mentioned in 3);
  5. any other certifcates confirming outstanding achievements of the student.

Please note, that parents interested in applying for a Regent Campus place for their child should also fill in the Regent Campus application form.  


All candidates attend an interview with Regent College Recruitment Board during which we get to know the candidate and learn more about him/her. The interview is conducted in English for candidates applying for the international programme and in Polish for candidates interested in the class with Polish national programme. The time and exact date of the interview is agreed on individually but all interviews take place between 1st and 15th June. 

Candidates applying for enrollment to the English-based international class (Cambridge programme with International A-Level exams) are also required to: 

  • sit a written test in English (reading/writing) – normally an outcome of at lest B2 level is required for grade 1 and at least C1 level is required for grade 3 entries;
  • participate in a 10-minute spoken conversation testing their conversational knowledge of English. 

Candidates applying for enrollment to the class with Polish national curriculum (all classes delivered in Polish with the Polish matura exam at the end of school education) are also required to: 

  • sit a test in the Polish language (testing reading comprehension and writing skills); 
  • sit a test in Mathematics (instructions in Polish);
  • sit a written test in English (reading/writing) – normally an outcome of at lest B1 level is required;
  • participate in a short spoken conversation testing their knowledge of English.
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