fees opłaty za szkołę czesne

High school tuition fees 2023/2024– international program

One-time enrolment fee: 1000 PLN. 

Annual affiliation fee: 1000 PLN. 

Tuition fees for the school year: 28 560 zł. 

Tuition fees can be paid in a maximum of 12 monthly installments (PLN 2380 per month). 

Tuition fees do not include textbooks and Cambridge exam fees.

Regent Campus

Single room – PLN 1600 per month per person.

Double room – PLN 1300 per month per person.

The price includes round-the-clock care on campus during the course of education (without weekends, holidays and days-off) and fees related to the use of the apartment and common areas – kitchen and laundry (electricity, heating, internet) with the exception of washing in an automatic washing machine (paid option).

The fee for weekend care and during holidays and days-off will be determined after declarations of interest have been submitted. The amount of the fee will depend on the number of students registered. 

If you leave your room during the summer holidays, no room fee will be charged.

Lovely Kitchen – price list for 2022/2023

Subscription (lunches on school days) – 18 PLN per lunch.

Without a subscription – 21 PLN per lunch.

Students residing at Regent Campus receive 10% discount on subscription lunches. 

Go to Lovely Kitchen and look up are weekly menus (descriptions available in Polish and in English).

Students eat lunches during a 45-minute lunch break allocated in their schedules. Take-away is also available.

We reserve the right to change prices during the school year.

Q&A – fees

How much will I pay for the 2023/2024 school year, including accomodation at Regent Campus?

The combined high school tuition fees and Regent campus fees* for the 2023/2024 school year are 42 560 PLN – 45 560 PLN., depending if you choose to stay in a double or  a single room.


For students enrolling with us there is also a one-off payment of 1 000 PLN.  Coursebooks and Cambridge exams are paid for separately.


*on school days, see above for information about campus on weekends, holidays and days-off.